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Nano_D++ Knob | Sensory HID (Smart Knob)

Nano_D++ Knob | Sensory HID (Smart Knob)

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   Important Update:   
   New Shipping Table   
   First batch of pre-orders expected to ship in first weeks of March 2024.   

Nano_D++ Pre-Orders are now open! 
We are limited to the 25 units per variant (100 total) for the first batch.

Nano_D++ is a completely programmable open-source haptic knob device with 4-key linear Gateron Brown switches Macro Pad inspired by Scott Bezek's Smart Knob project

Evaluation Kit features:
- Custom milled aluminium enclosure
- 60x Neopixel RGB led ring
- MIDI I/O capability over 3.5mm Audio jack
- 4 Mechanical switch Macro Pad with RGB with XDK profile keycaps
- Chemically tempered glass Dome
- ESP32 S3 MCU
- USB-C Power+Data (5V @ 3A)
- Discrette Transucer for enhanced haptic and auditory feedback
- 1.28" Round IPS Display
- Ultra Low Cogging BLDC motor driving primary haptic feedback

Nano_D++ also features sensory feedback modules: visual, auditory, and haptic, all of which are designed to perform in tandem and harmony.

Please note that USB-C Cable is not included with this purchase.
Standard USB-C 3A cable is recommended.

Test Kits are available in 2 colors and 4 variants:

"Zero" - Mistic Grey matte aluminium anodization with Delrin backplate
"One" - Natural matte aluminium anodization with Delrin backplate
"Zero Plus" - Mistic Grey matte aluminium with limited edition black aluminium backplate
"One Plus" - Natural matte aluminium with limited edition black aluminium backplate

Please Note:
Due to nature of manufacturing certain details like color of enclosure or keycaps might slightly differ from presented on the picture.

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