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NanoFOC DevKit++ (Beta Bundle)

NanoFOC DevKit++ (Beta Bundle)

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Starting your first Field Oriented Control (FOC) project might be daunting, especially if you're new to the field.

As makers, we frequently want to jump right into the action and begin writing the firmware without the hassle/need of selecting the right Microcontroller, Magnetic Sensor, and Motor Driver, then configuring and calibrating it with an abundance of cables that renders your projects too bulky to use in your creations.

The NanoFOC is little enough to attach on the back of most small BLDC gimbal motors (Even easier with our Universal BLDC Motor Adapter Kit), making it an excellent choice for compact projects requiring maximum efficiency and precision.

Tech Specs:
- Espressif ESP32 S3 Microcontroller 4MB Flash, 2MB PSRAM 
- Trinamic TMC6300 low power 6PWM BLDC Driver
- MPS MagAlpha MA710 or MAQ430 rotary magnetic position sensor
- 11 Programmable GPIO's (SPI, PWM, ADC, RTC etc.)
- I2C & UART pins available
- USB Powered (Compatible with USB PD 2.0 - 5V @ 3A)
- AUX Power via VIN pads 

What's included (Basic Bundle):
- NanoFOC DevKit++ Rev C.03.23 - Mini Development Board
- Universal BLDC Motor Adapter Kit --> Product Description
- Simple BLDC Motor (Basic Bundle + BLDC - Subject to Availbility)
- Our Gratitude <3

What is Field Oriented Control
Field Oriented Control is a technique that uses a mathematical model of the motor to precisely control its speed, torque, and position. By controlling the current and voltage of the motor in a specific direction, FOC can significantly increase efficiency, reduce noise and vibration, and improve overall motor performance.

Interested to know more about Field Oriented Control?
Visit SimpleFOC Documentation. NanoFOC DevKit++ is desiged to work flawlessly with SimpleFOC Arduino library. 

What projects i can use this board with?

- Mini / Small robots moving parts
- Haptic Interaction Device
- PTZ Controller
- Gimball Controller
- Motorized solution for Cosplay creations
- DIY follow focus
- Anything you'd imagine!

The sky is the limit! We are excited to see what you will come up with <3


NanoFOC, like all of our projects, is Open-Source, with complete transparency into its code, design, and manufacturing processes. 

Project github repository is available --> HERE
NanoFOC documentation page available --> HERE

Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Malta (EU)!

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